Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Care Home Fees and Tax Planning

Making a Will

Have you considered making a will? In most cases it is a straightforward and inexpensive procedure which will immediately give you peace of mind.

It's especially important if you have a family because it will ensure that your assets are divided in accordance with your wishes - rather than the way in which the law determines. So, the welfare of your family could depend on you taking the right action now. We will discuss your requirements. Using our specialist knowledge of property, trusts and tax law, we will prepare a will which caters for all of your needs.

A will can:

Changing your will

Circumstances change in many different ways - domestically, financially and through the arrival of children and grandchildren. Does your existing will reflect these changes? If it was prepared some time ago, it is time to review the contents to ensure that it deals with your current wishes and circumstances.

Lasting Power of Attorney

We are all living longer, but sometimes our mental capacity deteriorates faster than our physical health. We can give you peace of mind knowing how your affairs will be handled in these circumstances by appointing someone you trust as an attorney to manage your welfare or property affairs in exactly the way that you have determined.

Taxing Planning

How can you ensure that your family and other beneficiaries gain the maximum benefit from their inheritance?

It is often a good idea to consider tax planning during your lifetime and have an awareness of the possibility of making gifts or setting up trusts to reduce the tax burden.

The benefits of tax planning will depend on your incomes and assets. Many people exceed the current Inheritance Tax threshold when the value of their homes, possessions and savings are taken into consideration.

As tax law is complex and forever changing, we can advise on the best way to plan ahead and minimise the amount eventually payable. By discussing these matters with one of our specialist lawyers, you will gain an understanding of the options and be able to plan for the future with confidence.

Ilett & Clark Solicitors have decades of experience in the creation and administration of trusts, an effective tax saving vehicle which can be created during your life time or upon your death.

Help for Personal Representatives and Executors

At a time of bereavement, it can be particularly hard to have the added responsibility of dealing with financial matters. Dealing with the administration of an estate is particularly risky and can quite easily leave an unwary personal representative in a difficult situation. We can offer sympathetic yet professional advice as to obtaining Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration and help to ensure that wills, wishes and the law are followed. Instructing Ilett & Clark Solicitors to handle the complete administration of the estate, you have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands.

Long Term Residential Care

Many people are apprehensive about the financial implications of entering long term residential care, especially if they feel that their assets and life time savings could eventually be exhausted.

It is true that your capital or home may be used to pay for care. Simply transferring the ownership to your children, however, is no guarantee that your house is protected from being used to pay for fees. We provide up-to-date and sympathetic advice as well as practical help in dealing with this situation.

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