Family Law

The practice has a specialised team with a detailed knowledge of this complicated area of the law. Michelle Atherton's’s expertise is recognised by her Law Society Family Law accreditation.

Resolution LogoFamily law continues to evolve in response to a changing society. Today, it covers issues affecting co-habitees as well as married couples and is extending into new areas of pre-nuptial and living together agreements. At the same time, greater emphasis has been placed on counselling as a first step towards saving relationships.


Has your relationship reached a crisis? If so, you will probably have a multitude of concerns about the welfare of your children, what happens to your home and financial arrangements for the future.

By talking to a family law specialist you will have a clearer view of the available options. This, in itself, may help to reduce your anxieties. Sometimes a resolution can be achieved through counselling, but where this is not possible, Ilett & Clark Solicitors can take the necessary legal action:

Fixed Fee Family Law Services

  1. Half hour Appointment on all Family Matters £100.00 plus VAT.
  2. First Meeting taking detailed instructions £150.00 plus VAT
  3. Divorce £500.00 plus VAT and Court fees
  4. Fixed Fee Ancillary Relief Proceedings consent financial order where parties wish to confirm an agreement in a Court Order £450.00 plus VAT and Court fees
  5. Children Act Matters £400.00 plus VAT plus Court Fee which will cover the first attendance, referral to Mediation for a Maim Certificate and preparation of the Court Application.
  6. Injunction £850.00 plus VAT and Court fee to cover our initial meeting with you and the preparation of the paperwork to issue the Application
  7. Change of Name Deed £75.00 plus VAT
  8. Cohabitation Agreement £500.00 plus VAT
  9. Prenuptial Agreement £600.00 plus VAT
  10. Deed of Separation £450.00 plus VAT

Should there be any delay by either you or your spouse, unforeseen events or contested issues this will involve extra work. In this case we will give you an estimate of what any extra costs are likely to be.

Payment: We can accept payment by cheque or debit/credit card.


For many couples 'living together' has replaced the traditional marriage. But how does this affect your rights? For instance, there could be important legal implications if property is in a sole name. There could also be complications if assets need to be divided in the future. By seeking advice and creating either a Living Together Agreement or a Trust Deed, many of these problems can be avoided before they occur.

Pre-nuptial Agreements

This is an increasingly popular and practical way of reaching a clear agreement over the division of assets if the relationship fails.

The Children's Act

This Act has many complex provisions requiring interpretation by a legal specialist. For example, if a child is born outside marriage, parental responsibility is with the mother and father, but only if the father’s name appears on the birth certificate.

Emergency Injunctions

If circumstances demand, emergency injunctions can be sought to protect children and family members against the threat of violence or abduction.

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