Employment Law

Most people will encounter a problem with their employment within their lifetime. Fortunately, many of these problems can be sorted with a quiet word - once you know your legal position and the options available to you.

If a quiet word is insufficient, we have specialist solicitors able to assist you. An issue can be swiftly resolved with a simple solicitor's letter advising your employer of the law in question, how they have breached it and threatening legal action if they do not sort it. Or we may need to involve the Employment Tribunal or the Courts to get a satisfactory settlement.

It is crucial that you get the best advice from the very beginning of a problem, before it is allowed to get out of hand.

For more complex disputes we often refer our clients to Stewart and Co. Solicitors in Doncaster, a well respected local firm with a reputation for solving problems with a pragmatic approach and professional manner.

Contact: Tom Sorby