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This website is brought to you by Ilett & Clark Solicitors Limited. We take the privacy of our website users very seriously. We ask that you read this Privacy Policy (‘the Policy’) carefully as it contains important information about how and when we will use your personal data.

For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, Ilett & Clark Solicitors Limited (‘we’ or ‘us’) is the ‘data controller’ (ie the company who is responsible for, and controls the processing of, your personal data).

Any personal data which you provide to us will be used by us to deal with your request and/or to provide you with a particular legal service. Your details will be added to our case management database to assist us in providing you with an efficient and high level of service.

We cannot guarantee the delivery of any email sent by you to us or that its contents are or will remain secure on transmission to us. We offer a variety of alternative communication methods should you have any concerns.

We have a legal obligation under the Data Protection Act 1998 to keep your personal information confidential and secure. This obligation does not extend to circumstances where we are required by law to disclose those details in pursuance of a legal process or regulatory body. Where we are required to provide your personal information to a third party in pursuance of your instructions then you will have deemed to have provided us with consent to that disclosure.

You have a right to obtain details of the personal information which we hold on you by making a request in writing to Ilett & Clark Solicitors Limited 86 Bridge Street Worksop Nottinghamshire S80 1JA and subject to you paying our reasonable fee of £10.00 which is set by law.


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We use two types of cookies on this website as explained below.

  1. Tracking cookie - You will note from the track your move section of our site that there is the following statement “When you log into the site a cookie is installed to track your session. By logging into this site you are consenting to the installation of that cookie”. As the service will not run without that cookie being installed you cannot utilise that function without accepting the cookie. Please note that we do not collect or store any personal information from those cookies which are merely for functionality.
  2. Google Analytics - This website uses Google Analytics to monitor site usage and provide statistics to assist us in our website development and marketing strategy. A first party cookie will be installed into your internet browser when navigating to the site. These cookies store non-personally identifiable information, such as what time the visit occurred or whether you have visited the site before and the information is displayed to us as collective data.

Our use of Google Analytics is subject to Google’s own Privacy Policy which we invite you to review at should you have any concerns. You can also download a internet browser add on from to avoid any interactions with Google Analytics.